The main technological advancements inside CRF engines are found around the crankshaft. The central gas channel is angled. This angle allows the crankshaft to work as a compressor as it spins. This results in more RPM!
The crankshaft has milled slots, which are located
around the intake port. Not only do these slots
improve the balancing of the crankshaft to
minimize vibrations, but they actually pickup
fresh fuel mixture and push it
trough a special lateral canal inside
the crankcase. This results in more
torque and better efficiency!
Another effect of the angled gas channel is that it prevents the fresh mixture from bouncing against the crankcase cover in a way that the bounced gases brake down the gas flow. No back plate bouncing means better gas flow and better efficiency.
For many years, nitro engines have only witnessed minor updates and improvements. With the CRF technology, Team Orion revolutionizes the nitro engine technology with a new fuel mixture flow concept.
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